Blue is Green

the beauty of a Cornish Sunset. Porthtowan Beach.

Our Green view …

 At blue we make every effort to reduce, re-use & recycle.

PLASTIC FREE PORTHTOWAN – we are nearly there….!!! August 2018

Starting with our food suppliers we use locally sourced, fresh seasonal produce from land & sea! A reduction in “food miles” helps both the environment & our local economy. Our drinks supplier is local, but some of the products do come from a little further a field, but that is because we select our products on merit as well as locality. Every bottle is recycled, plastic & glass, all tins & cans, plus all cardboard is flattened by us and collected by another local service provider.

Being situated on the coast, we are lucky enough to be able to appreciate, daily, the beauty of our surroundings first hand. We acknowledge the importance of conserving this by reducing our environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable style of tourism.

We are very aware that our existence here has a direct effect and we are committed to continuously improving our environmental management and implementing a policy with the following principal actions:

Minimize and deal responsibly with all our waste and endeavor to recycle as many materials as possible and encourage our customers and suppliers to do the same.

Monitor our consumption of energy and water and implement procedures to reduce this each year.

Train our employees and raise awareness of the importance of their participation and their responsibility for protecting the environment.

Work with local suppliers and try to ensure that they recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation.

Ensure that, as an absolute minimum, we abide by all relevant legislation.

“living is such a special part of the world, as a beautiful beach in Cornwall…we do not take it for granted, and appreciate it’s beauty as well as is dependence on us and our community to work hard to preserve it”. Blue team.